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Glass Panel Swimming Pools

Having a pool with a transparent acrylic or glass wall – creates an ambiance which is like no other. Especially during the evening – the light within the pool brings out a very calming ambiance to the garden or the seating area closest to the pool. Just having to look into the pool from on an elevated view is simply beautiful. It’s the new trend. Our team specializes in the installation of these panels for pools be it on one side or all four sides. We have mastered the art as we were trained by the best.

Key Features

  • The panel provides outstanding optical clarity into the pool
  • The panel is highly UV resistant
  • High impact resistant
  • The panels come with a 10-year standard warranty
  • The beauty of having to look into the pool at night is a sheer sense of relaxation

Concrete Swimming Pools

We provide a thorough consultancy to our clients who are opting to build a swimming pool.Be it a skimmer, overflow or infiniti swimming pool. We can guide you the right way. A pool takes up a major portion of the back yard and so it is very critical that the shape and size is very well thought through.

Excellence in Swimming Pool Design in Dubai

  • We are well versed with the Dubai municipality rules and regulations as well as community guidelines for building pools all over Dubai.
  • We have a good portfolio of customers who we have build Luxury pools, spas and water features.
  • We also style the Swimming Pool concept based on the style of the garden, interiors of your lovely home and most importantly understanding the functionality of the pool within the family.
  • We are very well versed when it comes to water philosophy for performance of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing works.
  • We have a very good maintenance team, who are available on 24/7 basis.

Be it a pool for exercise or just for good old family bonding. We can build you pools that suit your lifestyle. Our team has over 25 years experience building pools and we can give you something unique and definitely value adding to the property.

As a certified, trusted and professional swimming pool contractor in Dubai, we pull all the stops to make sure that you only get what you deserve, and nothing less.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials