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Our vertical gardens are unique and exclusive from other vertical gardens. We use a Japanese based technology where the soil is replaced by a material called Pafcal.

Easy Installation

Japanese Technology

Instant Greenery

Low Maintenance

A Vertical Garden can not only improve the aesthetic of your space, but also increase the healthfulness of your everyday environment.

What is PAFCAL ?

Pafcal is a special soilless sponge-like material derived mainly from organic plant material, and held together by a thin layer of polyurethane binder (the same stuff on kitchen chopping-boards). It provides a perfect balance of water and oxygen to the plant roots, something which soil struggles with when left alone in an indoor or outdoor setting.Plant roots require good access to oxygen, especially in sheltered low-light areas, in order to keep the plant healthy.

  • Pafcal has a unique absorbent quality to redistribute the water evenly within itself, throughout the week. It even does this in a way such that there will be an optimal ratio of water to air, for the plant’s roots. Roots need oxygen for healthy growth, especially in low-light indoor environments. This optimal amount of water & air helps seeds germinate more successfully and quicker too.

  • Pafcal is a soilless neutral material in itself and does not contain bacteria, pathogens or mold spores which thrive in soil.It has a soft and moist texture, and is fun to touch.Bugs are not attracted to it because there is no decomposing matter for them to feed on.

  • You’re rushing back to your desk after an over-run meeting, to catch a lunch appointment.Placing your files and laptop on the desk in a hurry, you accidentally knock over the Pafcal plant, but no dirty mess is created.Documents are safe, plant is safe, and a hearty lunch awaits you.

Why Choose Us


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Technical Expertise

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

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