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Be it a 4 sided or one side acrylic panel pool, we can offer you solutions that are commercially viable and unique.

Impact Resistant

Unlimited Panel Size



Get the Perfect Acrylic Window For Your Pool Design

Acrylic Pools in Dubai

Our acrylic pool windows add beauty and elegance to any setting and also come with numerous other benefits including: they are highly resistant to impact; they are durable and long-lasting, much more so than glass; and they allow natural light into the pool.
When it comes to creating a truly memorable swimming experience that is unlike any other having an acrylic pool is the perfect starting point. Your guests, whether you are a homeowner or a resort owner, will love swimming in your beautiful pool with the amazing views that its acrylic pool window provides.

Committed to Superior Quality

Our commitment is to provide honest and technically solid solutions at competitive rates. We have the technical expertise and inhouse engineers to provide aquarium window installation with glass or acrylic panels. Our company works closely with the most premium acrylic manufacturers to secure on-time delivery and the best cost for our clients.
Our acrylic sheets provide outstanding optical clarity, excellent UV properties, high impact resistance and superb weathering ability. All sheets come with a standard 10 year warranty.

  • 1. Trained application teams
    2. Professional equipment
    3. Rebate casting inspection
    4. Aquarium waterproofing
    5. Installation hydrotest
    6. Waterproofing certificate
    7. Warranty

  • 1. One Sided Glass Panel
    2. Two Sided Glass Panel
    3. Four Sided Glass Panel
    4. Glass Floor Panel

Why Choose Us

Technical Expertise

Our team works closely with you to gain a full understanding of your needs, then works diligently to create a design that exceeds your expectations.

Quality Materials

We use high quality acrylic panels to provide the ultimate underwater experience.

Interested in an Underwater Experience ?

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